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5 Uses of Lemon Oils

You may have heard of lemon essential oils before but were not too sure of just what that encompasses. After all, there are so many different extracts and oils available on the market today that it can be difficult to tell one from the other.


But lemon essential oils have a lot of beneficial uses that can be applied to your day that can make them a wonderful part of any routine. 

Five Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

Uses for lemon essential oil are infinite, but here are five main benefits of lemon oil and its uses for health, home, and beauty. 

Improve your digestion

Use lemon essential oil for tummy

Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to your water can have a great effect on your overall digestion levels. Best of all, it gives your water a refreshing taste and makes a great alternative to things like soda or sugary drinks. The latter on its own makes lemon essential oil a great thing for your body.

When lemon oil is taken internally, it can aid in the digestion process and cleanse the body naturally. Lemon essential oil has natural detoxifying properties that help to balance the stomach. One tip is to add a drop of lemon essential oil, along with a teaspoon of honey, into a cup of water. The honey helps disperse the essential oil into the water and provides those natural detoxifying agents.

As we age, digestive health becomes more important. Our stomachs can become unbalanced and upset more often and things like the natural lemon essential oil can go a long way towards helping to balance them out and leave us feeling better about our digestive health than ever before.

Reduce anxiety, stress, and provide an uplift in mood

Using lemon oil for anxiety and stress

One of the things that become common in most of our lives is stress and anxiety. This is natural due to the amount of responsibility that we have on a given day, whether it is schoolwork, a job, family life, or a number of other factors that can elevate stress.

There are a number of different ways that lemon essential oils can help. You could add a few drops of lemon oil to your bathwater or mix it with a carrier oil and apply it topically. There is also the method of using a diffuser. When diffused, lemon essential oil can provide an overall uplifting environment and promote a positive overall mood.

The overall chemical makeup of the oil can help by providing an invigorating and energizing aroma and defusing it typically only takes three to four drops of the lemon essential oil to work.

Best of all, diffusing a few drops of lemon essential oil can also help to purify and cleanse the air and surfaces that are in your home. Not only can it help to eliminate airborne odors, it can keep your house smelling bright, fresh, and clean. The overall benefits of diffusing drops of lemon oil are vast in nature.

It works great as an all-purpose cleaner

Using lemon oil for anxiety and stress

The cleaning properties of lemon have a huge reach. It works great for treating the early signs of tarnish on silver and a variety of other metals, meaning you can save that silverware, jewelry, and other household items from being tossed into the garbage due to rust.

Furniture also benefits from the cleansing and preserving properties of lemon essential oil. When you add a few drops of lemon oil to olive oil, you can create a furniture polish that is non-toxic to use in your home. The oils leave a clean shine, prevents finer wood finishes from becoming dried out, and it can actually replace lost moisture in antique woods to give it a newer finish.

Being able to concoct your own at-home polish can save you the trouble of having to pay for a smelly, potentially toxic cleaner. It is important to note that you should always try homemade cleaners in a more inconspicuous spot first to make sure that there are no adverse responses from the furniture. When you have verified that the finish is as desired, then you can use lemon essential oil to the rest of the furniture.

Skin care

Lemon Oil for Glowing Skin

One of the most popular uses for lemon essential oils is in the treatment of skin and nails. It has properties that, when incorporated into your daily skincare routine, can help to exfoliate your skin. The lemon oil can help your overall complexion, giving you a healthy-looking glow.

Best of all, it can even help with a variety of other skincare worries. Because it has astringent properties, it can help to remove dead skin cells, reduce cellulite, and even clear up and brighten your complexion. It can also help to prevent wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. Oh, and it is a natural detoxifying agent that reduces excessive oil on your skin, which helps to prevent acne.

When you mix a few drops of lemon essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and apply topically, you can feel the refreshing and cleansing properties of lemon working to detoxify and clean your skin. It is a great, natural, healthy way to keep your skin glowing and healthy like never before.

Improve the taste of your favorite treats

Add a few drops of lemon in your food

Who doesn’t love a little bit of lemon infused into their treats? Lemon essential oils can be added to almost any of your favorite desserts to not only give them a zesty and sweet punch up, but to provide some of the digestive benefits that have been pointed out above.

When used properly, the lemon essential oil will often add a sugary, sweet taste to the desserts without adding the processed sugar or other alternatives that can make a sweet treat so bad for us. You can even add a drop or two of lemon essential oil to your favorite fruits to improve the overall taste and provide yourself with a sweet, healthy treat.

The importance is in getting the beneficial qualities of the lemon essential oil into your system on a consistent and responsible basis. Not only will you be able to get that sweet treat that you love, but you will be able to enjoy the overall beneficial properties that come with the lemon essential oil.

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