Soothe Scars and Lose Weight with Sandalwood

A beloved woody scent, Sandalwood is a popular fragrance best used in perfumes, aftershaves, cosmetics and even in incense. Perfumers call it the "divine essence" for a reason, based on its traces in many religious traditions in India, where it was first sought. The deep, musky aroma of this favorite essential oil has been loved by many, although it is slowly becoming a rare find in the market due to its dwindling resource.

The Sandalwood tree comes in many varieties, but this particular scent comes from the White Sandalwood, an evergreen tree that grows as high as 50 feet and is mostly found in Eastern India. It loves dry and rocky environments, which is evident in the oil's scent, derived from the heartwood. The best of the heartwood is often extracted from the roots. Older trees produce more heartwood and are therefore highly prized in quality and aroma. Steam distillation is used to release the essential oil hidden in the wood's cellular structure. Hydro-distillation is a modern alternative, yet it produces a higher form of oil that makes the scent and quality more superior.

For hundreds of years, the scent of sandalwood played a huge part in Hindu, where it was considered holy. One can smell it from every religious ceremony, from the birth of a child to the death of a loved one. It is used as an embalming oil and is served as an incense to Hindu deities. Sandalwood was also used in Ayurveda, in which older medicinal rituals include this in treating infections, coughs, nervous disorders and digestive issues. It is also used in skin care and was a potent remedy against acne and rashes.

Brilliantly used as an astringent, this could help in inducing contractions in the gums and muscles. It helps in strengthening the hold of the gums on the teeth, as well as the tightening of the pores on the skin. Sandalwood is also a powerful cicatrizant, which aids in soothing scars and helping spots to heal quickly. This is the reason why this ingredient has been often included in many skin care products such as soaps, serums, and lotions.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory feature of Sandalwood made it a favorite of doctors. Upon ingestion, Sandalwood actually assists in protecting internal wounds from potential infections. The same goes when it is applied on skin: it aids in keeping sores, boils, and wounds from developing infections. Use this oil for insect bites as well as pimple traces.

The urinary system could benefit from a proper dosage of Sandalwood. Its relaxing and anti-inflammatory features aid in better passage of urine and treats infections in the urinary system. A common diuretic, it flushes out toxins in urines. It also facilitates the removal of gasses. Proper water circulation aids in losing weight; it is your best companion when trying to reach your desired pounds.

Alongside these features, sandalwood is also a great memory booster and, due to its safe nature, a potent tonic which can also be taken by kids. All these benefits are great reasons to tuck a Sandalwood essential oil in your closet. Discover a new, fun way of organizing your favorite oils; head on to our shop to find out how!

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