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Essential Oils that Help With Burns - Kumi Oils

Essential Oils that Help With Burns

Minor burns can leave permanent scars on your skin if you don’t take proper care of it. While you may have heard of many remedies for treating burns, a convenient and effective treatment like essential oils doesn’t receive enough attention. Certain essential oils help with quick healing, pain management, and reduce the scars. It is necessary to choose the correct essential oil and use it properly to treat burns.


Essential oils offer a myriad of medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Using pure essential oils can provide a lot of benefits for your mind and body. Here are the following features of essential oils that make it good for treating burns.

Antimicrobial action

Essential oils have the potential to inhibit microbial growth. Applying essential oil on burns and wounds prevents the accumulation and growth of germs on it. Natural essential oils have several antimicrobial substances to prevent sepsis of wounds and burns, which promotes healing.

Anti-inflammation compounds

When any area of skin is burned, it gets inflamed. Burn medication always contains certain anti-inflammatory substances. Similarly, many essential oils have anti-inflammatory agents in them. This is why essential oils are effective in healing burns and burn scars.

Regenerate skin cells

Some essential oils promote the regeneration of skin cells. These oils promote skin regeneration at a cellular level. These oils repair damaged skin cells and tissues. They also boost the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin for better growth and nourishment of skin cells. This feature makes essential oils very effective for healing burned skin.

Pain relief and soothing effect

Essential oils have pain-relieving and soothing properties. This explains why they are used in several therapies. Essential oils help with pain management due to burns. Some essential oils like peppermint oils have cooling and soothing properties. These types of oils are best to apply on burns to provide relief.

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