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Smoky Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

$ 13.99

Our smoky quartz gemstone bracelet promotes overall wellbeing, grounding and opening the root chakra.

Smoky Quartz is a stone of releasing the old to make room for the new. This stone aids in releasing unwanted baggage and blockages in the chakras and aura. Smoky quartz helps to lift depression and negative emotions, encouraging positive thoughts and habits. Smoky quartz helps to settle the mind and bring peace to anxiety and stressful thoughts. This translucent cloudy stone helps to calm an overactive mind and flittering thoughts that leads to anxiety and self doubt.

Smoky Quartz: Is known to be very grounding, bringing stability, peace, and overall wellbeing to your life.

*Our bracelets come in three different sizes. Make sure to select the correct size from the drop down menu.

Small: 5"- 6"

Medium: 6"- 7"

Large: 7"- 8"

Bead Size: 4mm