Portable Car Diffuser

$ 9.99 $ 29.95

Portable diffuser in a compact size which allows you to diffuse your oils while on the go. 

Perfect to use in your car, at your desk, in the hotel, or anywhere else you enjoy diffusing your essential oils. 

Pick either white or black from the drop down menu. 

-Mini air humidifier with cup design, colorful lights, powered by USB interface, ultrasonic technology envelops your surroundings effectively by producing cool mist to add moisture and relieve stress, reduce electron radiation and eliminate static electricity.

(not ultrasconic)

Capacity: 200ML 

Mist Output: 35 ML/H

Size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 5.8 inches

How to use: 

Fill with water to max level line, add 2-5 drops of your favorite water-soluble essential oils. Tighten the top cover clock wise, connect to the power cord. 

1.Touch the function key at one time- will have 1 beep then start continuous spraying with colorful light, will stop working after 3 hours. 

2. Touch the function key at 2 times- for intermittent misting, sprays will stop with an interval of 5 seconds and goes for 7 hours. 

3. Touch the function key 3 times- LED light will shut off, continuous spraying and will stop working after 5 hours. 

4. Shut down, hold down function key for 2 seconds, you will hear 2 beeps then will shut off. 

Care Instructions: 

-Clean the machine 1-2 weeks, more so if you use oils in it everyday. You can clean the machine with a q-tip or cloth and warm water. 

-Make sure to replace the cotton swab every 2-3 weeks. Soak the cotton swab in water before replacing it. 

-Purchase replacement cotton swabs here*

-Don't use more than the recommend amount of oils or it could clog up the machine. Only use water soluble oils.