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Natural Green Aventurine Worry Stones

$ 3.99

Our gemstone worry stones are 100% genuine and natural stone.

These smooth oval stones are the perfect holding size with a thumb-sized indentation. Worry stones are used to help prevent anxiety, stress, and tension. Perfectly fitting in your palm, our crystal worry stones are easy to carry along with you and polished with a satisfying smoothness. Working with crystals as a worry stone can help to absorb any negative emotions and energy you may have and replace them with positive, healthy, and optimistic energy. Crystal worry stones can help to break up negative thought patterns and behaviors. Sometimes known as a "fidget stone", worry stones are wonderful for calming anxiety, promoting focus and concentration, and relieving stress.

Green aventurine aids in keeping motivation, energy, and optimism during stressful and challenging times. This green stone resonates with the heart chakra, helping to open the heart, and encouraging it to stay open to giving and receiving love. Green aventurine helps to release nervousness, anxiety, irritation and stress of everyday life. This happy stone will bring new joy and appreciation for the small things.

Green Aventurine: Helps to open the heart chakra and encourage unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others. This harmonious stone also promotes luck and wealth.

Shape: Oval

Size: A little under 2" x 1 1/2"