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Kiwi Jasper Heart Shaped Worry Stone

$ 3.99

Our gemstone worry stones are 100% genuine and natural stone.

Kiwi Jasper is a very vibrant and stimulating stone. By harmonizing the heart's rhythm, it shifts the carrier's attitude to life, adjusting the mindset, and regulating the mood. All making it a great crystal for times of transformation, because it prepares a person to overcome any barriers they are to face.

Kiwi Jasper is a great overall healing stone because it has the capacity to open up a person's heart and harmonize the vibration of the body. By allowing energy to flow it helps release tensions, and pains in the body. Its balancing effects on the energetic level helps balance the electrolyte and mineral content of the body.

These smooth Heart shaped stones are the perfect holding size with a thumb-sized indentation. Worry stones are used to help prevent anxiety, stress, and tension. Perfectly fitting in your palm, our crystal worry stones are easy to carry along with you and polished with a satisfying smoothness. Working with crystals as a worry stone can help to absorb any negative emotions and energy you may have and replace them with positive, healthy, and optimistic energy. Crystal worry stones can help to break up negative thought patterns and behaviors. Sometimes known as a "fidget stone", worry stones are wonderful for calming anxiety, promoting focus and concentration, and relieving stress.

Shape: Heart

Size: A little under 2" x 1 1/2"