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Crazy Lace Agate Gemstone Bracelet

$ 13.99

Our crazy lace agate gemstone bracelet brings happiness, good fortune, and laughter.

Crazy lace agate is known to promote happiness and joy by absorbing and healing emotional pain. A very protective stone, crazy lace agate wards off negative and lower energy. This stone promotes focus, concentration and increased energy and motivation. Crazy lace agate helps in bringing balance to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

Crazy Lace Agate: Encourages happiness, laughter, and motivation. This stone will ward off negative energy and aid in emotional balance.

*Our bracelets come in three different sizes. Make sure to select the correct size from the drop down menu.

Small: 5"- 6"

Medium: 6"- 7"

Large: 7"- 8"

Bead Size: 4mm