The Best Essential Oils for Fertility and Pregnancy

essential oils for fertility

Essential oils for fertility and pregnancy can be beneficial at a time when trying to avoid pharmaceuticals and toxins. Just like any method when using essential oils for getting pregnant it is important to know the facts.

Essential oils are derived from plants, however there are plants that can and are toxic and not beneficial at all times. When a pregnancy oil is recommended don’t jump to use it because it offers hope. The safety of all recommended essential oils for fertility and pregnancy should be researched before use.

Anything that is ingested at any time but especially while pregnant or even trying to get pregnant should be carefully considered. As the essential oil industry is not regulated by the FDA, dosages and concentrations can be a problem.

The majority of those who properly distill essential oils are determined to provide a quality, non-toxic product. 

There are some however who are sloppy and cut corners for profit. It is important that the origin of the brand of essential oils for fertility and pregnancy are known. The best ones also work great as essential oils for nausea and other pregnancy symptoms.

Like other all natural products it is wrongly assumed that because they are derived from plants that essential oils can do no harm. Research reviews and company history before relying on a particular essential oil for fertility and the best essential oils for pregnancy. Most alternative medicine practitioners are reservoirs of knowledge about individual essential oils and the best sources for them. 

Quality essential oils are steam distilled. It is tempting to go all natural and distill essential oils at home. The drawbacks of this course of action are many. It takes many pounds of the natural plants, flowers, or resins to extract a small amount of essential oil.

Concentrations and dosages are an exact science when distilling essential oils not a guessing game. It is best to research a reliable, recommended, reviewed brand than to try to save a few dollars with home distillation. The savings may not materialize after buying the equipment, the amount of plant material need and the laboratory essentials for the correct concentration and dosages.

When using essential oils for fertility and pregnancy or for any health benefit a penny wise is often a pound foolish. In fact ingesting essential oils during pregnancy or in route to enhancing fertility is not recommended. Essential oils should be used externally on the skin or as an aromatic.

best essential oils for pregnancy

Essential Oils for Fertility

Calmness and balance are two keys when using essential oils for fertility and pregnancy. When looking to enhance fertility relieving stress is a major factor. Many companies and holistic practitioners are blending propriety formulas with a variety of essential oils to enhance fertility.

Precautions when using essential oils are that they are not meant to be ingested. Because they are highly concentrated, they should be diluted with a carrier oil when applied to the skin. Essential oils that are not cut with a carrier can cause too much to be absorbed into the body.

Aromatherapy diffusers require only a few drops of oil be added to a reservoir of water. Once diluted either with a carrier oil such as coconut, olive, or jojoba oil or a diffuser with water essential oils are basically safe.

Essential oils recommended by centuries of use and current practitioners for fertility include:

Clary Sage Oil

It is believed that Clary Sage Oil promotes estrogen balancing, important for fertility. Many believe that it should be discontinued once pregnant. 

clary sage oil

Citrus Essential Oils

This includes Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon. All are thought to increase energy and help with a positive mood. Long used to relieve anxiety which may be a factor in preventing balance when trying to conceive. 

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This aromatic oil has often been linked to boosting testosterone in men. For women its musky fragrance is often associated with being an aphrodisiac. This is an excellent oil for foreplay massage.

Oils to avoid when trying to conceive are ginger, birch, hyssop, rose, mugwort, wintergreen and others. Check reputable sources when deciding which essential oils to use. 

The Best Essential Oils for Pregnancy


A stress reliever, promotes rest.


It has long been a go to herb to relieve stress and anxiety, and it helps purify the blood. It is however one of the few essential oils and herbs that build up a resistance, therefore it should not be used many days consecutively. Use it, give it a break, use it again. 


Cut with skin cream this highly touted essential oil can smooth out and support skin maladies during pregnancy. It is known to be a relaxing pain-relieving essential oil. It is sold in pill form as Boswellia, the name of the tree it comes from. IT SHOULD NEVER BE TAKEN ORALLY. 

Tea Tree

Great for skin and hair affected by the hormonal draw of pregnancy. It smooths and eliminates skin blotching and adds luster and strength to hair while squelching flaking and dry skin.


Along with the other citrus essential oils is great for tackling the doldrums. It is uplifting and energizing. 


Inviting and refreshing, it offers a quick reprieve from heat with just a whiff. These are the best essential oils for pregnancy during the heat of the summer. These are also great essential oils for nausea, morning sickness, and other digestive issues.

peppermint oil

Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy


It has a concentration of Pinocamphone which can stimulate contractions. Avoid throughout conception and pregnancy.


Contains methyl salicylate, an external analgesic found in many OTC creams and ointments which carry FDA pregnancy warnings. It is the naturally occurring version of aspirin with blood thinning properties. 


It is another essential oil from which methyl salicylate is derived. 

Cautious Use of Essential Oils for Fertility and Pregnancy

Considered an alternative medicine, the use of the best essential oils is based on centuries of practiced usage. Any use of essential oils should be done with caution, research, investigations and the advice of a holistic practitioner or medical professional. Natural doesn’t always mean non-toxic.

Concentrations and dosages of even the most innocuous plant can be poisonous. With careful research, you’d be able to find the best essential oils for pregnancy and essential oils for nausea and morning sickness, which – to be honest – is the worse!