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Stone Jewelry

handmade with stone, metal, glass, wood, or lava beads


Diffuser jewelry is multi-purpose jewelry that is worn as a beautiful accessory but can also have essential oils added to it for an invigorating scent on the go. This dual-purpose jewelry is a popular item with individuals who crave a stylish accessory that’s useful for mind, body, & soul as well.

 You can add essential oils to the diffuser jewelry to wear as you take part in chakra cleansing or meditation. This type of jewelry can also be worn simply because it’s eye-catching & appealing.

The diffuser jewelry is handmade & features genuine stones, metal, & glass constructed alongside wood or lava beads which help to absorb the essential oils. Choose from a variety of colors, materials, & styles for the diffuser jewelry piece that suits your individual taste best.


Kumi also offers a large inventory of breathtaking gemstone jewelry. From a unique peridot seeker necklace to a pink agate bead bracelet, you’ll find the exact piece of gemstone jewelry you’ve been searching for all along.

You’ll also find a wide array of mala bead jewelry. Mala beads are used for meditation purposes or you can simply wear this intriguing jewelry item for aesthetics alone. 

Choose from an impressive selection of mala bead jewelry, including a tigers eye mala, blue agate mala bracelet, purple onyx mala bracelet, and hematite mala, to name a few options.