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BALANCE Gemstone Bracelet | Energy Healing Bracelet

$ 13.99

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This gemstone bracelet promotes healing, self-love, and reflection.


Tigers Eye: is a gorgeous stone with lovely bands of yellow-golden color throughout. This powerful stone provides harmony and balance, and helps you release fear and anxiety. Tigers eye helps to bring clarity, confidence, and courage. This hypnotic stone aids in dispelling toxic and negative emotions, replacing them with positive and healthy emotions. Tigers eye helps to give you courage to overcome any obstacle and persevere through any difficult situation.

Red agate: is a beneficial stone for artists and students as it promotes creativity, intellect, focus, energy, and luck. This blazing red stone increases energy in perfect amounts, balancing the yin and yang energy. Frost red agate gives vitality and protection to those around it, while encouraging intellect, creativity, and longevity.

Unakite: is a stone of grounding and love, encouraging balance of your spirituality and emotions. Unakite brings inner peace and healing to the heart. Known to be a stone of vision, unakite is can be very helpful when trying to tap into your intuition and spiritual gifts.

Lapis Lazuli: alleviates insomnia, vertigo, and aids in overcoming depression. Lapis lazuli is a very mystical stone that encourages truthful communication, self expression, and the development of psychic gifts. This blue stone is very calming and will help to bring balance to your emotions.

Rhodonite: an emotional balancer, clears and activates the heart. This stone encourage compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and self-love. Rhodonite is great for releasing any toxic relationships, emotions, and scars from the past that clutter your energy.

Picture Jasper: is a powerful grounding stone that promotes connection to the earth and nature. This stone encourages creativity, comfort, and deep thinking. Picture jasper is known to aid with releasing repressed fears, doubts, guilt, depression, and other negative emotions.

Clear Quartz: is often referred to as the most powerful healing stone. This purely clear stone amplifies the metaphysical abilities of other gemstones it is paired with, while also amplifying your own psychic abilities. Clear quartz is known to enhance mental clarity and bring focus and enlightenment.

Aquamarine: is a very calming and soothing stone. Because of its flowing, peaceful energy, aquamarine has a strong ability to help move, protect, and purify your own energy. This gentle blue stone encourages truthful expression of emotions and inner reflection. Aquamarine inspires creativity, clear thinking and happiness.

Phoenix Stone: is a very powerful stone of transformation and healing. This gorgeous stone encourages happiness, harmony, and acceptance. Phoenix stone is very grounding and centering in times of stress, inspiring courage, confidence, strength, and balance. It helps to promote openheartedness and unconditional love.

Chalcedony: aligns the body, mind and spirit, bringing balance and peace to your energy. Chalcedony helps in releasing fears, doubts, and anxieties. A very soothing stone, chalcedony helps to calm anger, frustration, anxiety, panic, and big emotional upheavals.

*Our bracelets come in three different sizes. Make sure to select the correct size from the drop down menu.

Small: 5"- 6"

Medium: 6"- 7"

Large: 7"- 8"

Bead Size: 4mm

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I have small wrists but I like a loose fit so I ordered size medium. When I received the bracelet is was extremely tight. They fit kids wrists! I recommend ordering large.