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Zebra Jasper Gemstone Bracelet

$ 13.99

Fill your heart with all the contentment and joy you deserve with the Pink Zebra Jasper Energy Bracelet.

Zebra Jasper: Ripe with emotional energy, this gemstone bracelet helps you to let go of fear. Often we may become precious about our love and compassion and turn it into hoarding. This stone reminds us that we have a neverending well when it comes to tenderness and intimacy and that the more we practice it - the stronger and easier to access it becomes. Love fierce and without binds.

*Our bracelets come in three different sizes. Make sure to select the correct size from the drop down menu.

Small: 5"- 6"

Medium: 6"- 7"

Large: 7"- 8"

Bead Size: 4mm