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ENERGY Gemstone Bracelet

$ 13.99


This gemstone bracelet inspires love, growth, and developing spiritual gifts.


Mother of Pearl: is known to bring prosperity and protection from negative energy. Mother of pearl is often used for mystical work such as enhancing ones intuition, imagination, energy work, and psychic sensitivity. Working with mother of pearl can be very beneficial for relieving stress and healing your energy. It is believed to attract abundance and good fortune.

Orange Moonstone: is known to relieve anxiety and stress while helping to balance your emotions. This stunning stone aids with releasing and healing from past emotional traumas. Orange moonstone can enhance your intuition and sharpen your spiritual sensitivity to others. Orange moonstone is also known to bring luck and protection.

Prehnite: is known to be a stone of dreaming, enhancing lucid dreaming and connection to spiritual realms. Prehnite is also known to be a stone of unconditional love, bringing healing into any situation and inspiring genuine affection and loyalty. Prehnite can be a very calming stone to tense situations of nervousness or anger. This stone encourages compassion and kindness.

Strawberry Quartz: represents love, growth, affection and passion. This pink stone is also known to be a stone of joy, inspiring us to optimistically see the beauty, and happy aspects of life. A very healing stone, strawberry quartz aids with healing the heart from past emotional pain. Strawberry quartz will fill you with healing love energy, inspiring love for yourself and others.

*Our bracelets come in three different sizes. Make sure to select the correct size from the drop down menu.

Small: 5"- 6"

Medium: 6"- 7"

Large: 7"- 8"

Bead Size: 4mm