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Handheld Personal Diffuser

$ 9.99 $ 29.95

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Enjoy aromatherapy on the go with our handheld white personal diffuser. 

Perfect to help if you need a pick me up or to help with anxiety. 

This little device is small enough to put in a purse, pocket, desk drawer, backpack or glove box. 

How to use: 

- Fill the diffuser with water to the max fill line. 

- Add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend. (Make sure you don't use an oil with a carrier oil as this can clog the machine). 

-Add the lid back on and slide the front panel down and enjoy a continuous 60 second diffusing mist. After 60 seconds the diffuser shuts off automatically. 

-To turn off the diffuser slide the panel back up. 

-To charge the diffuser use the USB cable at the bottom of the box. Once plugged in a red light will come on to indicate charging. 

Cleaning & Maintenance: 

- Clean your diffuser every time you switch oils. 

- Use a cotton swab or qtip to clean the the water tank. 

- Use rubbing alcohol or vinegar in the water tank to remove the aroma of strong oils. 

- Don't clean the device while plugged into the USB cable.