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Howlite Gemstone Chips

$ 3.99 $ 13.99

Our gemstone chips are 100% genuine and natural stone.

These mini tumbled stones are undrilled and perfect for crystal confetti, reiki, energy work, jewelry making, art projects, candle making, crafts, gift bags, crystal grids, chakra bags, paired with essential oils, décor, sprinkling cleansing and positive energy in the corners of your home, and much more!

Howlite is a very calming stone that aids in eliminating stress, anxiety, and rage. This stone teaches patience and encourages self awareness and emotional expression. Howlite easily keeps your emotions balanced and brings peace to stressful or tense situations. Howlite can also help to alleviate insomnia and settle the mind to sleep.

Howlite: Helps to calm and soothe the mind, bringing balance to your emotions. Howlite is the number one stone for calming intense situations, cooling down tempers and encouraging peace instead.

Shape: Free Form, Irregular

Chip Size: About 2-10mm (Variety of irregular shapes and sizes)

Each container is about 2.6 oz.