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Garnet Gemstone Chips

$ 3.99 $ 13.99

Our gemstone chips are 100% genuine and natural stone.

These mini tumbled stones are undrilled and perfect for crystal confetti, reiki, energy work, jewelry making, art projects, candle making, crafts, gift bags, crystal grids, chakra bags, paired with essential oils, décor, sprinkling cleansing and positive energy in the corners of your home, and much more!

Garnet encourages forgiveness, compassion, commitment and love in a relationship. This deep red stone cleanses and re-energizes the chakras and aura. Garnet clears out negative energy and promotes happiness, renewal, and passion.

Garnet: Helps to bring love, compassion and hope into a relationship. This stone aids in cleansing away negative energy and energizing the chakras. Garnet brings an invigorating and exciting energy in life and in a relationship.

Shape: Free Form, Irregular

Chip Size: About 2-10mm (Variety of irregular shapes and sizes)

Each container is about 2.6 oz.