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The Scent of Happiness: Citrus Oils

The Scent of Happiness: Citrus Oils - Kumi Oils


There's something strangely uplifting when you walk into a room imbibed in a great, citrusy scent. It could be your grandma peeling through an orange. Or your sister, slicing through a lemon to add in her gourmet meal. Whatever the fruit variety is, your brain instantly feels rejuvenated as you inhale the citrus aroma in the air. Have you ever wondered why? 

One study discloses that citrus fragrance stimulates a person's olfactory system, and can reduce a large dose of antidepressants in the body, enabling one to ward off those unwanted emotions. This type of fragrance normalizes neuro-endocrine hormone levels, as well as one's immune system, helping the body to cope up within itself. In short, the crisp, tangy, summery aroma from citrus fruits create an instant boost in one's health and emotions. Back in the days, this powerful energizer has once been used to ward off winter blues and even cabin fever—if you're sea sick, you might want to pack a few oranges!

But there’s more to citrus scents than what is commonly known. Below are a few more aromatic properties and their benefits, something you may love to try if you’re a citrus fan.


  1. Energizing and uplifting, lemon has a sharp, sour fragrance with a kick. This is thanks to Limonene, its naturally occurring property that gives the fruit its distinct aroma. Use this to diffuse unwanted scents in a room, as bleach, or for sanitizing your kitchen.
  2. It is said that limes have the ability to purify and renew one's mind and spirit. The fresh scent of this fruit can be perfectly paired with other aromas, as it is light and not overpowering.
  3. Sweet Orange. One of the most inexpensive essential oils, Orange is a versatile scent that works with other types, such as florals, spices and mints. You can use it as a grease cutter or as plain perfume. Leave fresh fruit rinds inside your room for a day and enjoy a fresh, vibrant scent.
  4. Blood Orange. A variety of orange, this one offers a heavier, more tart scent than the former. Extract the natural oil by cold-pressing the rings of the fruit and enjoy its intense aroma.
  5. This is one of the more expensive citrus oils. Reminiscent to oranges, Bergamots offer a lovely, floral wisp to its fragrance. It is perfect for combating depression and anxiety. Another of its great use: combating acne and oily skin. Use it with caution as it is highly phototoxic.
  6. This citrus fruit smells like a mix of grapefruit and mandarin. It's best for overcoming mental stress, and can be used as a diffuser blend.
  7. Perhaps the most luxurious of the citrus oil family, Neroli offers a sweet, floral scent, with a great exotic character. Most Neroli oils are highly concentrated and rare to find. Enjoy this flavor in low dilutions.
  8. Considered as a favorite of all generations, the Mandarin citrus oil offers a demure, calming fragrance that calms nerves and relaxes one's mind. Use this fragrance on the children's bedroom for that relaxing sleep.
  9. Bright, vibrant and powerful, the tangerine offers a rich, concentrated aroma than the regular orange scent. Its citronella property helps ward off insects.

Create that happy and vibrant mood by using these citrus scents. Stay tuned to this blog to discover more about your favorite essential oils!