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Turquoise Gemstone Chips

$ 5.99 $ 13.99

Our gemstone chips are 100% genuine and natural stone.

These mini tumbled stones are undrilled and perfect for crystal confetti, reiki, energy work, jewelry making, art projects, candle making, crafts, gift bags, crystal grids, chakra bags, paired with essential oils, décor, sprinkling cleansing and positive energy in the corners of your home, and much more!

Turquoise is a very calming stone, helping to bring peace and tranquility to an overactive mind. This stone resonates with the throat chakra, aiding in opening and energizing this chakra. Turquoise is a very helpful stone to those who suffer from anxiety or stress frequently, as it well help to soothe your mind and promote a peaceful state of being.

Turquoise: encourages clear and truthful communication, helping you to express any bottled emotions and words that may be blocking your throat chakra. This watery stone inspires creativity and self expression. Turquoise aligns and balances the chakras, bringing your mind, body and spirit into harmony.

Shape: Free Form, Irregular

Chip Size: About 2-10mm (Variety of irregular shapes and sizes)

Each container is about 2.6 oz.