Pink, White, & Purple Diffuser Bracelet Bundle

$ 14.99 $ 39.99

You will receive three bracelets in this pack. 

White agate, dragon agate, and rose quartz. 

White Agate: Beneficial for mental issues, including everyday challenges such as frustration and anxiety.

Dragon Agate: Protects against stress and energy drains. It provides the “strength to carry on”. This is a good stone to bring about your hidden gifts and creativity.

Rose Quartz: One of the most popular crystals in healing.  Famous for attracting and keeping love, rose quartz is also used when it comes to healing one's heart from pain and disappointment.

About Lava Rocks: Basalt and related rock types like andesite and dacite are rocks that form when volcanoes erupt magma (lava) onto the surface of the earth and the magma cools. Lava beads are porous and can absorb the oil of your choice.

Materials: Lava Stone, Rose Quartz, White agate, Dragon Agate

Beads: 6mm

Length: ~ 18cm