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Stone Diffuser

$ 49.00 $ 119.00


Our stone white diffuser is sleek and classic. It is a natural alternative to candles and other fragrances. 

How to use: Fill up the water reservoir to the fill line and at 5-8 drops of Kumi essential oils. Put the plastic cover and stone cover back on and press the on button and select time. For further information read the instructions that came in the box. 

Materials: Procelain cover, BPA free water reservoir 

Diffusing Capacity: 588 ft

90 ML capacity 

Run Time: 2 settings. Consistent at 3 hours or intermittent at 7.5 hours 

Misting Output: Consistent 1oz/hr and Intermittent 0.40oz/hr 

Dimensions: 3.4in x 7in